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    • First, the characteristics of light partition board: Light wall panels, also known as "mud fly ash composite core wall panels" is polystyrene plus fly ash, slag and admixture, together with a combination of lightweight wall panels. The main production processes of lightweight partition board include: mortar mixing, mortar coating, composite glass fiber cloth, roll, polystyrene board, mortar, composite glass fiber cloth, roll forming, curing, stripping, cutting ,Honeycomb Core Machine Stacking and other processes. The wallboard is mechanized production line. Its production of the product size: length: 500-3500mm, width 600mm, thickness 60-240mm. Wall side with a connection slot, for the construction of workers will be more convenient installation.
    • Paper Honeycomb Process Machine and corrugated cardboard forming process different, the former requires relatively high, more difficult. Such as corrugated cardboard indentation, die cutting, slotting, printing, order boxes and other processes can be used to solve the equipment, and now China's honeycomb paperboard products processing equipment, not a good solution to these problems. Because of the low degree of production automation, it is difficult to achieve standardization, serialization and diversification of paper honeycomb products. The vast majority of honeycomb cartons and trays, sanitary coffins, etc., or manual operation, manual cutting, manual paste, production efficiency is very low, it is difficult to reduce production costs, it is difficult to ensure product quality and performance. Therefore, the issue of honeycomb paperboard forming equipment has become a major "bottleneck" that hinders the development of honeycomb paperboard.
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    Wuxi City Yalian Honeycomb Machinery Plant founded in the year of 1999, it is one of the biggest and oldest factory in honeycomb machine and edge corner machine making field. Factory located in Jiangsu Wuxi city Yangshan Town, it is only 40minutes from Shanghai to Wuxi by express train. The transportation is very convenience. Yalian Honeycomb is one of the top level China pallet machine, punching machine, die-cutting machine manufacturers and suppliers, we are always able to offer you cheap and low price pallet machine with high quality. Our machine export to many countries and region: such as: Latvia, Belorussia, Japan, Czech, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Turkey, Pakistan, Egypt, Mexico, Bulgaria, Costa Rica and so on.
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